A downloadable 3D Game Engine for Windows

SnaX is a fast and lightweight development tool for 3D-graphics applications based on a real-time, visual programming concept. Real-time because every update you make to your program can be viewed instantly as you develop - Visual because programming happens in a graphical environment, where writing code is replaced by linking together small, precompiled blocks of functionality called Chips

SnaX is built for Windows 10, using DirectX 12 for state-of-the-art graphics. It got a bunch of cool features including

  • An object-oriented programming design
    • Build classes and class hierarchies. Visually!
    • Add data members and functions. Visually!
    • Override and inherit. Visually!
  • Real-time physics simulations using Nvidia PhysX 4
    • Open source plugin available on Github!
  • Importers for many popular 3D-asset and texture formats
    • Including 3ds, fbx, obj, glTF and dae.
  • Low-level access to the graphics pipeline:
    • Fully user-configurable material and lighting system.
    • Program all shader stages using HLSL, including compute shaders.
    • Forward or deferred rendering: You decide!
    • HDR rendering and tone mapping: Up to you!
    • Physically Based Rendering (PBR): Yes, you can!
  • Fast and easy debugging
    • In-game Break Points.
    • View the current stack trace!
    • Step into your code, edit and continue!
    • Native debugging is also possible for users of the SDK.
  • Built-in performance profiling
    • Locate the bottlenecks!
    • Statistics are available real-time!
  • A C++ SDK available on Github!
    • Create your own Chips!
    • Integrate your favorite libraries!

More information is available on the official web site: snaxgameengine.com.

Install instructions

Note that SnaX is for Windows 10 only.
A DirectX 12 (Feature Level 11) compatible graphics card is required.

Current Version: 1.5.0

Installer Checksum:



SnaX Game Engine

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